PartoPantsTM Birth Simulator

The challenge was to create a low-cost simulator to use in the scenarios. PartoPantsTM were the answer.

PartoPantsTM are a modified pair of surgical scrub pants worn by an actress (simulated patient).

PartoPantsTM include:

  • Stretchy vagina for the birth of a baby and placenta
  • Rectum for administration of hemorrhage medications
  • Urethra for catheterization
  • Suprapubis
  • Bag for blood
  • Injection pad for injections

We use a plastic doll and attached placenta. All other materials included in the simulations are based on the actual materials (medications, instruments, equipment) available at the training site. Materials used in the activities and training are low-cost and can be obtained locally, no matter the setting (ie. rope, paper, red food coloring, gelatin).

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Check out this video of PRONTO collaborator Leslie Carranza explaining how PartoPantsTM work, to an audience of medical faculty at the University of Washington:


More footage of PartoPantsTM in action:

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