Well-trained health care providers require opportunities to practice skills in high-stress environments to ensure appropriate responses during an emergency. PRONTO’s approach to delivering simulation and team training for obstetric and neonatal emergency response in resource-limited settings moves one step closer to ensuring optimal and timely care for mothers and infants during life-threatening emergencies.

Our highly realistic simulations ask care teams to respond to, and manage emergency scenarios, and then engage in guided self-analysis of their performance through video assisted debriefing. PRONTO International has shown that the same concepts and techniques that have proven to be effective in transforming delivery of efficient and safe care for patients in high-resources settings can, and must, be applied to improve outcomes in low-resource settings. To make the training affordable and accessible, PRONTO uses low-cost portable materials. Here are some pictures of the PRONTO in action!


Team Training and Communication


Highly Realistic Simulation

Effective Debriefing

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