Advanced SFT

The Advanced Simulation Facilitator Training course guides participants in the acquisition of more advanced debriefing and facilitation skills. Participants must have completed the SFT 1 prior to enrolling. This training is currently being piloted with Midwife mentors in Bahir, India.

Course Objectives

  1. To challenge participants to develop advanced facilitation skills
  2. To promote the use of simulation in low-resource settings
  3. To advance participant skill in the design, implementation and evaluation of low-tech simulation and team-training.
  4. To facilitate structured communication and teamwork.
  5. To provide participants with hands-on practice in the running and debriefing of in-situ simulations.

Learning Strategies

  1. Hands-on simulation design opportunity.
  2. Group work and interactive activities
  3. Advanced debriefing practice (in-vivo and video)

Participant Feedback

Participant comments

“If I get a chance again, I will never miss it! Really interesting.”

“Excellent model of teamwork from PRONTO team”