Our Mission

Simulation and Team Training for Obstetric and Neonatal Emergencies

PRONTO International Mission:  We aim to optimize care during birth. We develop and implement innovative training strategies for health care providers that act as a catalyst for individual, team, and system change.

We accomplish our mission by…

  • Providing low-cost, highly realistic obstetric and neonatal emergency simulation training for interprofessional teams in resource-limited settings around the world.
  • Promoting kind, dignified, and culturally responsive care of women and babies through interactive training modules that facilitate group discussion and self-discovery.
  • Assisting local teams in the diagnosis of system barriers and in identifying achievable strategies to improve patient safety and birth outcomes.
  • Contributing expertise to the field of low-resource simulation and facilitated debriefing.
  • Participating in implementation research to refine training modules that improve outcomes for mothers, babies and healthcare providers.

Our Vision

PRONTO envisions birth as a safe and respectful experience for all mothers, babies, and healthcare providers.

At our core we value...


Providing trainings that use low-tech highly realistic simulation to address the real challenges in caring for the needs of both mother and baby in resource-limited birth facilities


Respecting the dignity of all mothers and babies by promoting kind and humanized care during birth


Honoring the contextual complexities of local groups by providing culturally responsive trainings and support


Creating educational experiences that are cost-effective, accessible and locally adaptable and by promoting autonomy through trainer education and training material distribution


Focusing on the importance of respect and team work to enable interprofessional healthcare teams to function at their best.


Valuing evidence-based healthcare, by staying current in our materials and staying committed to studying training outcomes