PRONTO International Staff

Heidi Breeze-Harris – Executive Director

Ms. Breeze-Harris has 8 years of leadership in the for-profit sector and 18 years in the global NGO sector. She has a proven track record of successfully growing businesses and directing organizations, programs, and projects in Africa; South, Southeast, and East Asia; Central America and the United States. Ms. Breeze-Harris’ work in maternal, child and women’s health includes health and nutrition, psychosocial and reintegration support groups for fistula survivors, domestic violence support groups, community-based safe motherhood leadership trainings, building grassroots advocacy groups for women’s health, youth-led sexual and reproductive health groups, coordinating between community health groups and health systems, and working with MNCH and SRH clinical providers in low-resource settings. She received her BA in Anthropology and International Studies from The Evergreen State College and her MA in International Studies from the University of Washington. She holds certificates in International Crisis Negotiation and Non-Profit Executive Leadership, both from the UW.

Kimberly Calkins, MA – Director of Curriculum

Kimberly Calkins has spent over 14 years working in maternal health in the global sector, and has worked at PRONTO International since 2012. She is PRONTO’s Director of Curriculum, overseeing PRONTO’s projects worldwide, and managing PRONTO’s curriculum and training development. She has a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development from the School for International Training, with a focus on low-resource solutions to improve maternal health. She is also a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator through the Society for Simulation in Health (CHSE, SSIH), and is an adult learning expert. Prior to joining PRONTO, Kimberly worked as a Certified Birth Doula, and lived and worked in Nicaragua while working on a maternal health program.

Susan Glenn – Program Manager

Susan Glenn is PRONTO’s Program Manager, having joined PRONTO in 2016. She implements PRONTO’s simulation and team-training programs: managing training logistics, financials, supply procurement, and reporting. Additionally, Susan leads commercialization and distribution of PRONTO’s obstetric and neonatal simulation products worldwide. Susan has experience managing and implementing maternal health programs in Timor-Leste, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, and India. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health and African Studies from the University of Washington. Prior to joining PRONTO, Susan was a CDC Undergraduate Public Health Scholar and a Bonderman Fellow. She is passionate about finding innovative solutions to global health issues in limited-resource settings and is honored to support PRONTO’s vision of making childbirth a safe experience for all mothers and babies.

Jessica Mackness - Program and Operations Coordinator

Jessica is PRONTO’s Program and Operations Coordinator. She has a MSc in Global Health with a focus on maternal and child health and early childhood development. Jessica worked in northern Ghana to help evaluate the impact of a maternal mental health/ECD intervention called Integrated Mothers and Babies Course (iMBC). She has an extensive background in both quantitative and qualitative research and data analysis. Additionally, Jessica has helped coordinate the implementation of Dimagi’s CommCare data collection platform for contact tracing and COVID-19 response for the state of Colorado. She managed combining technical and non-technical workflows to help build a sustainable mobile technology solution. Furthermore, Jessica is a trained EMT and doula with a passion for making sure that all mothers have a safe and positive birthing experience.

Country Teams


Seema Handu, Ph.D. - Country Director, India

After a long and successful career as a scientist and entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry, Seema offers her management, leadership, relationship-building, and organizational skills to nonprofits.  She has worked extensively with several nonprofits on their global health-related programs and projects in India, Nepal, Ethiopia, and Ecuador.  Seema believes in PRONTO’s vision of improving birth outcomes and improving quality of care for mothers and their babies. She is using her management and organizational skills to further the mission of PRONTO in India. She maintains a home in India and the US.

Narender Goswami - Program Director, India

Narender Goswami joined PRONTO International as the Program Director for India after scaling remarkable heights in the field of Public Health with more than 8 years of professional experience. Prior to joining PRONTO he worked as Senior Consultant in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. He has contributed to national level policy decisions and provided technical expertise in formulation of various guidelines released from the Maternal Health Division. He has been a member of various national expert groups for maternal health training initiatives and programs and thus proved his deft skills in the field by establishing himself as the go-to expert on maternal health. As the Program Director, he drafts creative concepts for successfully reaching out to low resource settings and strengthening the health system. He is zealous in bringing about dynamic changes in the ways mothers and newborns are given priority above all. He looks forward to making birth giving a special experience for all mothers and for the service provider.

Divya Vincent, B.Sc. Nursing - Obstetrical and Neonatal Simulation Specialist

Divya Vincent works as a Simulation Specialist with PRONTO International in Bihar, India. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree from D.Y. Patil University, Mumbai. She worked as a Clinical Nurse in Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai for one year and then as a Nurse Mentor at Christian Medical Association for AMANAT, a nurse mentoring program, in Bihar, India. Divya joined PRONTO because she is passionate about working as a trainer in the public health sector and she is inspired by the methodology that PRONTO uses to change the quality of maternal and neonatal health by refining a person’s knowledge and skills through simulations, debriefing and teamwork activities.

Nidhi Subramaniam, B.Sc. Nursing - Obstetrical and Neonatal Simulation Specialist

Nidhi Subramaniam is PRONTO International’s Simulation Specialist for Uttar Pradesh. She holds a degree of B.Sc. (Hons) Nursing from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, GGSIP University, Delhi, India. Prior to joining PRONTO, Nidhi worked as a Nursing Tutor at the College of Nursing, U.P., as well as a clinical nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Tirath Ram Shah Hospital, Delhi, India. As a former Nurse Mentor for CARE India Mobile Nurse-Midwifery Mentoring Program in Bihar, Nidhi was fascinated with the teaching methods of PRONTO and looks forward to continuing her work with PRONTO to improve the knowledge of healthcare providers through low-tech, highly realistic simulation and team-training.

Ojungsangla Longkumer, MSN - Obstetrical and Neonatal Simulation Specialist

Ojungsangla Longkumer holds a BSN degree from Regional College of Nursing, Guwahati, and an MSN in Community Health from Christian Medical College, Vellore. Working in the ICU at GNRC, she gained tremendous clinical experience taking care of critically ill patients. In 2015, Ojung entered the public health space as a Master Mentor in the AMANAT nurse mentoring project in Bihar. Working as a mentor ignited her passion for public health. PRONTO’s low-tech simulation approach excited Ojung and proved itself an excellent way to teach and improve quality of care. Her experience as a mentor prompted Ojung to join PRONTO’s simulation specialist team. She is impressed by how much one can learn and grow personally, as well professionally, while being a PRONTO facilitator. She is looking forward to contributing her best to PRONTO and to the world at large.

Nisha Mayur, MSN - Obstetrical and Neonatal Simulation Specialist

Nisha Mayur is an Obstetrical and Neonatal Simulation Specialist based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, a Master’s degree in Health Care Management, and another Masters in Paediatric Health Nursing. She started her career as a Nursing Tutor at nursing colleges of Uttarakhand in October 2013, after which she worked with UPTSU in UP and The Antara Foundation in Rajasthan. She worked closely with Health and ICDS departments of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan as well. With her dedication, enthusiasm and teamwork approach, health care facilities under her mentorship have received Kayakalp Quality Improvement award at state level from the Governments of UP and Rajasthan for which she was apprised by government officials. She is certified as Nurse Mentor, SBA, NSSK, IUCD, PPIUCD, FP-Counselling, KMC, IYCF and also trained in HMIS and UPHMIS from various government and non-governmental organizations. Beyond public health work, she has also engaged with the beneficiaries at community level by establishing creches for children between 1-3 years and working with women’s groups for awareness building programs. Nisha joined PRONTO driven by a desire to learn unique techniques in the simplest of manners. She enjoys writing poems and stories, and paintings in her spare time.

Liya Susan Jose, BSN, MPH - Obstetrical and Neonatal Simulation Specialist

Liya Susan Jose is an Obstetrical and Neonatal Simulation Specialist at PRONTO. She holds a Bachelors degree in Nursing from Kerala University of Health Science(KUHS), Kerala, India and Master degree in Public Health from Global University, Nagaland, India. She started her career with AMANAT project in Bihar as a Nurse Mentor with Christian Medical Association of India and CARE India. Liya has been certified by Kerala Council for Historical Research (KCHR), PRONTO International, Antara Foundation & HLFPPT and JHPIEGO for conducting research and participating in national training projects. She has worked intensely in detailed study and documentation about Kerala ICDS with Alexander Associates, Delhi. Prior to her arrival at PRONTO she held various positions in different states of India collaborating closely with the Government of India to deliver health and ICDS services to the community. Liya enjoys working with children and played a vital role in running a Creche while her tenure in Rajasthan, India. Liya joined PRONTO to make a difference for India, to inspire, and be inspired.

Manju Siju, B.Sc. Nursing - Research Simulation Video Analyst

Manju_BiharManju Siju is part of PRONTO International’s Mobile Nurse-Midwifery Mentoring Program in Bihar, India, working as a Research Simulation Video Analyst. She holds a Post-Basic Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Symbiosis College of Nursing in Pune, Maharashtra, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work from Sam Higginbottom Institute in Allahabad, India. Prior to her position with PRONTO, she worked as a Staff Nurse in N M Wadia, Institute of cardiology in Pune, India, as well as a Senior Staff Nurse in Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center, in New Delhi, and most recently as a Nurse Mentor for the Christian Medical Association in Bihar, India. Manju joined PRONTO because it helps her to connect with people in Bihar.

Renu Sharma, B.Sc. Nursing - Research Simulation Video Analyst

Renu_BiharRenu Sharma is a Research Simulation Video Analyst with PRONTO International’s Mobile Nurse-Midwifery Mentoring program in Bihar, India. She holds a BSc in Nursing from The Army Institute of Nursing in Guwahati Assam, India. Prior to joining the PRONTO team, she worked for three years in Fortis Hospital in Kolkata and Paras HMRI in Bihar, India. Renu’s decision to join PRONTO was focused on the her desire to help improve maternal and neonatal care in the state of Bihar.


Rohit Srivastava, MBA - Simulation Video Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

Rohit_BiharRohit Srivastava is PRONTO International’s Simulation Video Coordinator and Administrative Assistant in our Mobile Nurse-Midwifery Mentor Project in Bihar, India. He holds an MBA from NIMS University in Jaipur, India. Before joining PRONTO International, Rohit worked for two years as a Project Coordinator and in Technical Support for a Telecom Company in Bihar, India. Rohit joined PRONTO because PRONTO is involved in improving the quality of obstetric and neonatal care in Bihar, and as a citizen of Bihar, he is passionate about improving health and is honored to be a part of the project.

Master Trainers

Karen Hays, DNP, CNM, ARNP

Karen Hays, DNP, CNM, ARNP, has been a nurse since 1986 and a midwife since 1992. She earned her BSN from Humboldt State University in California, and her MN and DNP from the University of Washington in Seattle. Her clinical experience in the U.S. includes working in home birth, small birth centers, and both community and high-risk hospitals. She is co-creator of and faculty in Bastyr University’s Maternal Child Health Systems graduate program. Karen has been involved in global health activities since 1988, serving as a consultant, educator, and practitioner in several countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. She has worked alongside maternal-newborn care providers, educators, and policy-makers in over 2-dozen countries to promote high-quality midwifery and nursing education and practice, believing that healthcare providers in all settings deserve robust support in order to best serve their clientele. In addition to being a PRONTO International master trainer, Karen is an active volunteer with the American College of Nurse-Midwives (Disaster Caucus), Global Health Media Project, Health Leadership International, Medical Teams International, and her local Medical Reserve Corps.

Jen Gaines, CNM, DNP

Jennifer Gaines is a nurse-midwife who has trained with PRONTO in Mexico, Guatemala, India and Uganda. She works as a full scope nurse-midwife with a diverse population in Everett, Washington. Jennifer first heard about PRONTO as a graduate student at the University of Washington when she played the role of a patient during a simulation and was able to witness first-hand the effect of highly realistic simulations to help improve maternal care. Since then, she has been inspired by PRONTO’s ability to effect change in various settings. She has facilitated multiple PRONTO trainings and helped with curriculum development.

Kenya-Based PRONTO Simulation Educators

Annette Osimbo Okwaro - Nurse-Midwife

Annette Osimbo Okwaro is a nurse-midwife from Kenya. She began as a PRONTO trainer in Migori, Kenya as part of the Preterm Birth Initiative. She has been a PRONTO trainer and facilitator for the past 6 years, and trained as a Master Trainer in Nigeria and Mozambique. She loves getting to be a part of PRONTO and its ability to grow healthcare workers skills and confidence in handling emergencies. Doing so brings her much joy as she knows this work is saving mothers and babies lives.

Chrisencia Owoko - Nurse-Midwife

Chrisencia Owoko is a nurse-midwife and has been a PRONTO trainer for three years, starting as part of PRONTO’s Preterm Birth Initiative in Kenya. She has since trained in Mozambique and Malawi. She is passionate about the work PRONTO does, and is motivated by the desire she sees in health care workers after simulation and debrief to make a difference as individuals, teams, and systems to improve the quality of care given to patients.

Jenipher Okore - Nurse-Midwife

Jenipher is a nurse-midwife from Kenya. She was a PRONTO trainer in Migori, Kenya for 3 years as part of their Preterm Birth Initiative. She has since trained for PRONTO as a Master Trainer in Nigeria and Malawi. She admires PRONTO for  its ability to reward innovation, build effective teamwork, and produce results.

Josline Wangia - Nurse-Midwife

Josline is a nurse-midwife with over 10 years’ experience working as a service provider delivering health care specifically in areas of maternal and child health. She has worked with ICAP (International Centre for AIDS Programme) in partnership with MOH at MCH and maternity in areas of PMCTC/EID triage, treatment and referral. She served for over 3 years as a clinical mentor for Preterm Birth Initiative in Migori County using PRONTO’s team building and simulation as a teaching methodology with diverse knowledge on QI. Josline holds Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

Leakey Kizili Masavah - Nurse

Leakey Kizili Masavah is a registered nurse by profession, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and a diploma in project management. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Nursing (Midwifery).

Leakey has 8 years experience working with the Kenya Ministry of Health, mostly in rural facilities as a Nurse/Midwife practitioner. He is passionate about maternal and neonatal health; previously having been a clinical mentor with IPAS Africa Alliance intervening in comprehensive abortion care services, adolescent and youth reproductive health program. He was a trainer for PRONTO modular trainings in Kakamega County, Kenya, a PRONTO mentor in Migori County, Kenya, and a Lead Q.I mentor in the Preterm Birth Initiative Kenya program. Most recently, he worked with PRONTO in Mozambique training clinical mentors. Currently he works with Save the Children as a health officer intervening in Nairobi informal settlements.