A comic based interactive digital intervention to enhance facilitation skills of nurse mentors in public facilities – results of a pilot intervention in Bihar, India – Super Divya


Super Divya, an Interactive Digital Storytelling Instructional Comic Series to Sustain Facilitation Skills of Labor and Delivery Nurse Mentors in Bihar, India—A Pilot Study


Increases in diagnosis and management of obstetric and neonatal complications in district hospitals during a high intensity nurse-mentoring program in Bihar, India


Effect of a quality improvement package for intrapartum and immediate newborn care on fresh stillbirth and neonatal mortality among preterm and low-birthweight babies in Kenya and Uganda: a cluster-randomised facility-based trial


Can an integrated obstetric emergency simulation training improve respectful maternity care? Results from a pilot study in Ghana

Does teamwork and communication improve with simulation training? An evaluation of simulation training videos in Bihar, India

Simulation-Enhanced Nurse Mentoring to Improve Preeclampsia and Eclampsia Care in Bihar, India: A Mixed-Methods Study

The Effectiveness of Training in Emergency Obstetric Care: A Systematic Literature Review


Barriers and facilitators to the provision of optimal obstetric and neonatal emergency care and to the implementation of simulation-enhanced mentorship in primary care facilities in Bihar, India: a qualitative study

Choosing a simulation assessment tool – a comparative analysis in Bihar, India

Logistical, Cultural and Structural Barriers to Immediate Neonatal Care in Bihar, India

The Power of Practice: Simulation Training and Improving the Quality of Neonatal Resuscitation Skills in Bihar, India

Tracking and debriefing birth data at scale: A mobile phone application for rapid provider debriefing to improve maternal and newborn health in Bihar, India

Video Monitoring a Simulation-Based Quality Improvement Program in Bihar, India (Studiocode)


Care of the Mother-Infant Dyad: A Novel Approach to Neonatal Resuscitation Simulation Training in Bihar, India

Measuring Movement Towards Improved Emergency Obstetric Care in Rural Kenya with Implementation of the PRONTO Simulation and Team Training Program


Impact evaluation of PRONTO Mexico: a simulation-based training program in obstetric and neonatal emergencies and team training.


A process evaluation of PRONTO simulation training for obstetric and neonatal emergency response teams in Guatemala.


Team training in obstetric and neonatal emergencies using highly realistic simulation in Mexico: impact on process indicators.


Are all skilled birth attendants created equal? A cluster randomised controlled study of non-physician based obstetric care in primary health care clinics in Mexico.

A matched pair cluster randomized implementation trail to measure the effectiveness of an intervention package aiming to decrease perinatal mortality and increase institution-based obstetric care among indigenous women in Guatemala: study protocol.

Adaptación y validación a nivel primario de salud del formato ´Casi-Muertas´ de OMS para detectar morbilidad materna y perinatal en población indígena de Guatemala.

Promoting cultural humility during labor and birth: putting theory into action during PRONTO obstetric and neonatal emergency training.


PRONTO training for obstetric and neonatal emergencies in Mexico.

Non-physician providers of obstetric care in Mexico: Perspectives of physicians, obstetric nurses and professional midwives.

Self-Efficacy Change With Low-Tech, High-Fidelity Obstetric Simulation Training for Midwives and Nurses in Mexico.


PartoPants™: The High-Fidelity, Low-Tech Birth Simulator.

Skilled birth attendants in Mexico: How does care during normal birth by general physicians, obstetric nurses, and professional midwives compare with World Health Organization evidence-based practice guidelines?


Designing and Implementing an In-Situ Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care (EmONC) Simulation and Team-training Curriculum for Midwife Mentors to Drive Quality Improvement in Bihar, India

Improving Quality of Obstetric and Neonatal Care through Midwife Mentoring and Simulation Training in Bihar, India: Mentor Knowledge Assessments

A Mobile Phone Application to Collect Real-Time Live Witnessed Birth Data for Rapid Provider Debriefing to Drive Quality Improvement for Maternal and Newborn Health in Bihar, India

Care of the Mother-Infant Dyad: a Novel Approach to Neonatal Resuscitation Simulation Training in Bihar, India


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