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The PRONTOPack™ is a portable and affordable self-contained birth simulation training kit. Contact us here to purchase it! It includes all materials and curriculum a clinic, hospital or other institution will require for emergency obstetric and neonatal simulation training.

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  • PartoPants™ (Low-Tech Birth Simulator)
  • Injection Pad
  • Simulated Blood System
  • Cloth Baby and Placenta
  • PRONTOCry (Pre-Recorded Cry Card)
  • IV Arm Band
  • Whiteboard and Marker (Vital Signs Monitor)
  • SimPacks™ (Simulation Scenarios)
  • User Manual (Step-by-Step Guide)
  • Instructional Video

See a preview of the instructional DVD included in the PRONTOPack™:


Purchase PRONTOPack™

PRONTO International ships worldwide, please inquire about shipping prices. Please contact us to inquire about purchasing the PRONTOPack for $500 plus shipping.*


*PRONTO International’s mission is to ensure that simulation training and the PRONTOPack™ is accessible to all low-resource high-need areas. We don’t want to be a part of another cost prohibitive model, as it should never be a reason why mothers aren’t receiving the best care possible. We are working to facilitate support to help subsidize the cost to care facilities and organizations where it is an issue. Please inquire at: pronto@prontointernational.org to learn more.