PRONTO International aims to optimize care during birth. We develop and implement innovative training strategies that act as a catalyst for health care

Facility Based Simulation

Well-trained health care providers require opportunities to practice skills in high-stress environments to ensure appropriate responses during an emergency. PRONTO’s approach to delivering simulation and team training for obstetric and neonatal emergency response in resource-limited settings moves one step closer to ensuring optimal and timely care for mothers and infants during life-threatening emergencies.

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  • We provide low-cost, highly realistic obstetric and neonatal training for inter-professional teams in resource-limited settings worldwide.

  • We assist local teams in diagnosing system barriers and identifying achievable strategies to improve patient safety and birth outcomes.

  • We promote kind, dignified, and culturally responsive care of women and babies through interactive training modules.

  • We use highly realistic simulation and debriefing to train functional teams in effective communicate and practice change.

Curriculum Design

PRONTO International develops unique curricular components tailored to meet the individual needs, priorities and context of each location we work.

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Partnership & Collaboration

Through partnerships with national and institutional programs, we develop and implement locally-relevant programs.

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Transfer Skills & Competencies

Our training curriculum is based on adult learning and simulation theory, and is highly impactful because it is locally relevant.

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Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring progress and documenting impact is important to PRONTO International. We have developed innovative ways to monitor fidelity and show impact.

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PRONTO International places the evidence at the center of our activities. Our training curriculum is based on solid adult learning and simulation theory. All of the clinical elements of the program use the latest evidence and international clinical guidelines and are updated every quarter to ensure accuracy. Team training concepts are derived from the TeamSTEPPS curriculum and have been translated and modified to fit into the cultural setting of the training.

Adaptive Design

PRONTO International's model is designed to be flexible, adaptable, and complimentary to other training initiatives in the places where we work.


Simulation Facilitator Training

PRONTO's approach includes Simulation Facilitator Training which trains individual providers to conduct and implement highly-realistic simulation and team training programs in their own facilities.


Read what people are saying about PRONTO:

“The program is important because it changes attitudes. We have had to work and fight against the bad habits we have formed over the years. I believe that a way to improve and make lasting changes is through the adoption of the PRONTO model.” OB/GYN and State Trainer Chiapas, Mexico
“This type of activity and learning is interesting. Especially because we are able, through the live experience and through the use of a simulated patient, to strengthen our knowledge and more importantly to improve our sensitivity. A book cannot bleed, a book cannot scream, a book cannot cry-out, a book cannot get complicated.” Municipal Chief of Maternal Health Chiapas, Mexico
“We have used the simulation equipment in the PRONTOpack for training HCW in health facilities all over Kenya since 2012. The PRONTOpack is a portable, low-tech, low-cost simulation pack that can be used in all settings to simulate emergency obstetric and neonatal care (EmONC) scenarios for learning. The simulation equipment is easy to use, has very few elements that require replenishing and needs minimal training to utilize. The PRONTOpack has enabled us to take simulation training in EmONC to the health care worker in the smallest, most remote health facility in Kenya. It has been a wonderful experience, thanks to PRONTO!” Program Coordinator, MD, MPH Nairobi, Kenya
“The PRONTOPack was the highlight of the educational session at the American College of Emergency Physicians.” Dr. Scott W. Irvine, MD, MPH, FACEP Alabama, USA
“This type of learning is key to keeping our clinicians up to date with changes in process and treatment and to building better teamwork and communication skills.. These pants make the simulation real, interactive and very believable for team training!” Clinical Nurse Educational Team Wyoming, USA
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