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COVID-19 Curriculum

PRONTO understands that the limited-resource settings in which we work most frequently will have differing needs, responses, access to supplies, and protocols. As such, the SimPacks™ were developed to be flexible, and contextually relevant. Using the SimPacks™ as a guide, follow local protocols and guidelines, and omit details, supplies, or simulation roles as necessary to make the SimPacks relevant to the local setting. Our goal is that frontline teams feel more confident and increase their ability to respond to COVID-19 suspected or confirmed obstetric patients after participating in these simulations. These complimentary resources are intended to provide simulation facilitators or educators with curriculum and guidance on how to safely and effectively facilitate COVID-19 simulations and debriefs.


SimPack™ 1: Triage of a Woman in Early Labour with COVID-19 Symptoms (No Delivery)

SimPack™ 2: COVID-19 Positive Patient with Spontaneous Vaginal Birth of a Non-Vigorous Baby













Reference Guides

SimPack™ Instructional Guide

Simulation Training Guidance During COVID-19

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