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Mexico and the United States create emergency response program for pregnant women

After two years of preparation and training the INSP of Mexico and the Universities of Washington and Utah reported yesterday that 15 hospitals in Chiapas, Guerrero State of Mexico began to apply the emergency care program for pregnant women called Pronto2. This program is seeking to help Mexico meet the Millennium Development Goals in terms of reducing maternal mortality and infant mortality. The program aims to train all hospital staff in all different details that have to do with the emergencies of when a woman is pregnant, mainly focusing on the complications of pregnancy and newborns.

Some components of the program include an online course, seven different dynamic and action oriented skills such as mutual support, communication, monitoring the situation etc. The researchers who lead the program are Dilys Walker of the University of Washington, Susanna Cohen of the University of Utah, along with Jimena Fritz and Dolores Gonzalez Hernandez, both of INSP.

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