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PRONTO International at Women Deliver

PRONTO International had a very busy spring and is gearing up for an even busier summer! At the end of May, PRONTO had the opportunity to present at the Women Deliver conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Women Deliver is the most important international conference on women and girl’s health. This was the third Women Deliver and this year’s theme was: Invest in girls and women-it pays. The conference was a great success not only for PRONTO International, but also for women and girl’s health. For more information on our presentations, click here.


PRONTO International was represented with an exhibition booth and was also fortunate to be given a 90-minute panel discussion on PRONTO trainings where a full simulation was run. The panel was so successful people had to be turned away! There were attendees in the aisles and standing against the back wall.


PRONTO International also took part in a Tech & Tech quick 15 minute presentation on low-tech simulation and the PRONTOPack™. In addition, PRONTO also staged a full simulation at the Micro Nutrient Initiative booth in the middle of the conference hall! PRONTO and low-tech simulation can be done anywhere-even in a conference hall! You don’t need a high-tech facility to run effective and highly-realistic simulation training, any place will do.



PRONTO had an amazing time speaking with leaders in maternal and child health from all over the world and collaborating with new and old partners. Much progress has been made in the field of maternal and child health since the Millennium Development Goals were created, but there is more work to do and Women Deliver inspired PRONTO to continue making progress in maternal health.


Until the next Women Deliver.


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