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PRONTO International’s work in Kenya featured in Seattle Times!

PRONTO International is honored to have had our work in Kenya featured in the Seattle Times, written by Paul Nevin, on April 24:
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Seattle group’s training program saves lives of moms and babies in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya — “How is my baby? I can’t hear him crying,” the mother pleads with the midwife as the pool of blood spills over the hospital bed, splashing onto the stained tile floor.

The blood is fake and the baby is plastic. It’s a training session. But the young Kenyan health worker is all professionalism.

“Your baby is doing fine,” he says, while fervently pumping the neonatal resuscitation bag. The new mother pretends to lose consciousness before she can hear the first cries from her newborn.

The stress lingering in the delivery room isn’t unfamiliar for the dozen nurses and midwives who now crowd around the bed, estimating the amount of blood lost. They are used to working in a crisis setting. …
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