Simulation Facilitator Training (SFT)

The Simulation Facilitator Training (SFT) provides participants with the knowledge and skill to become simulation facilitators in any simulation setting. Providers actively practice skills of facilitation, simulation preparation and running, and debriefing. Participants leave the training having developed their own simulation scenarios under the guidance of our expert trainers. This training has been implemented in India, Ethiopia and Namibia.

Course Ovbjectives

  1. To challenge participants to think creatively and systematically about the use of simulation in all types of clinical settings.
  2. To promote the use of simulation in low-resource settings
  3. To advance participant skill in the design, implementation and evaluation of low-tech simulation and team-training.
  4. To facilitate structured communication and teamwork.
  5. To provide participants with hands-on practice in the running and debriefing of in-situ simulations.

Learning Strategies

  1. Hands-on simulation design opportunity.
  2. Group work and interactive activities
  3. Team Skills
  4. Strategic Planning
  5. Debriefing practice (in-vivo and video)

Participant Feedback

Some of the important elements participants have said they will take away from this training?

“How to act like a facilitator and to develop our own simulations”

“Importance of communication and teamwork during emergencies”

“Importance of having objectives before you start.”