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Start Training SEDEM Hospitals to Reduce Maternal Deaths

Information Service Agency in Chiapas

The Secretariat for Development and Empowerment of Women (SEDEM) in coordination with the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) and the Institute of Health today launched its fourth stage to the program for Obstetric and Neonatal Rescue: The Optimal Treatment (PRONTO2), so that no woman in Chiapas will have to die from bleeding. Objective 5 of the Millennium Development Goals “improve maternal health and influence the reduction of Maternal Death”. Pronto is an innovative strategy based on simulations for training personal attached to health service in community hospitals and reference for emergency obstetric care.

Actions taken by the SEDEM is based on the evaluation of medical services for maternal health care to demonstrate that the quality of obstetric services and the timely and adequate care of obstetric emergencies are the key to lowering rates of maternal morbidity and mortality in hospitals.

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