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Promoting Cultural Humility During Labor and Birth: Putting Theory Into Action During PRONTO Obstetric and Neonatal Emergency Training

March 08, 2013 kimberly Blog , Publications

By Jenifer O. Fahey, CNM, MSN, MPH; Susanna R. Cohen, MSN, CNM; Francesca Holme, MPH; Elizabeth S. Buttrick, BA; Julia C. Dettinger, MPH; Edgar Kestler, MSc, MD; Dilys M. Walker, MD Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing, January 2013 PRONTO will now be implemented in Guatemala as part of an initiative to decrease maternal and […]

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Field Report: Nancy Douglas on becoming a new PRONTO Trainer in Kenya

March 01, 2013 kimberly Blog , Field Reports

Nancy Douglas, one of PRONTO’s newest volunteer Trainers, recently returned from Kenya and shares her insights and experiences leading PRONTO trainings for the first time with us on the blog: This was my first trip with PRONTO and I can already say I definitely hope it is not my last. The more I learn about […]

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Gates Foundation Features PRONTO on their blog!

February 26, 2013 kimberly Blog , News & Media

The Gates Foundation recently published PRONTO’s work in Guatemala in an article titled, “A New Way to Combat Maternal Mortality in Guatemala’s ‘Corridor of Death’” This piece was contributed by PRONTO’s own Dilys Walker along with Wolfgang Munar. “A pregnant Kekchi woman arrives, clearly in pain, at a primary health center in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.  […]

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PRONTO attends the Global Maternal Health Conference in Arusha, Tanzania

February 08, 2013 kimberly Blog , Conferences

The PRONTO team has recently returned from a trip to Arusha, Tanzania to attend and present at the Global Maternal Health Conference (GMHC).  “The GMHC2013 is a technical conference for scientists, researchers, and policy-makers to network, share knowledge, and build on progress toward eradicating preventable maternal mortality and morbidity by improving quality of care.” At […]

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Washington Global Health Fund Awards PRONTO International $50,000 Grant!

January 18, 2013 kimberly Blog , News & Media

We are thrilled to announce that PRONTO International is a 2013 recepient of The Washington Global Health Fund (WGHF) grant to support the commercialization of the PRONTOPack! “WGHF is providing $50,000 in grant funding to support the first paid staff and manufacture 100 PRONTOPacks™. …” More (in English)

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Mexico Aims To Save Babies And Moms With Modern Midwifery: KUOW quotes Dilys Walker

January 17, 2013 kimberly Blog , News & Media

Dilys Walker, MD weighs in on KUOW’s segment on the Changing Landscape of  Modern Midwifery in Mexico, by Monica Ortiz Uribe.  “In Mexico these days, the majority of babies are born in hospitals. That hasn’t helped reduce the number of maternal deaths, though. So health officials are re-making the centuries-old tradition of midwifery. They are betting a new kind […]

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