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PRONTO at Women Deliver 2019

Learn more about PRONTO at the upcoming Women Deliver Conference

PRONTO International is proud to be showcasing our worldwide impact and approach to improving outcomes during childbirth at the 2019 Women Deliver Conference June 3-6 in Vancouver, Canada. Join PRONTO at our side session or come visit us at our booth in the exhibition hall to learn more.

PRONTO’s Approach

PRONTO International aims to optimize care during birth. We develop and implement innovative training strategies that act as a catalyst for health care providers to make individual, team, and systems changes.

Well-trained health care providers require opportunities to practice skills in high-stress environments to ensure appropriate responses during an emergency. PRONTO’s approach to delivering simulation and team training for obstetric and neonatal emergency response in resource-limited settings moves one step closer to ensuring optimal and timely care for mothers and infants during life-threatening emergencies.

Our highly realistic simulations ask care teams to respond to, and manage emergency scenarios, and then engage in guided self-analyses of their performance through video assisted debriefing. PRONTO International has shown that the same concepts and techniques that have proven to be effective in transforming delivery of efficient and safe care for patients in high-resource settings can, and must, be applied to improve outcomes in low-resource settings. To make the training affordable and accessible, PRONTO uses low-cost portable materials.


PRONTO Side Event

The Midwife Monologues: An Evening with PRONTO International

Tuesday, June 4

       8:00-10:00 PM

      Room 110

We are putting the spotlight on midwives: the ecstasy and the anguish of caring for women in the most meaningful and vulnerable moments of their lives. Watch an evening of performance as we dive into the myriad challenges of providing adequate and appropriate care to women throughout the world and the ingenuity and dedication it takes to overcome those barriers. We will feature Vancouver-based actors and a “heightened” simulation to see PRONTO in action. Join us for an entertaining and informative evening and stick around for networking, discussion, wine, and hors d’oeuvres.

Space is limited, RSVP here.

PRONTO International Booth

Booth 870

Come to PRONTO International’s booth in the exhibition hall to consult with experts about integrating simulation in your setting, check out our PRONTOPack, and learn how you can get involved and help save the lives of mothers and their babies.