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Rescue Program Obstetric and Neonatal

September 30, 2011 rebecca Blog , News & Media

Journalists from Mexico JOURNALMEX This program started in 2009 with a pilot that was conducted in 5 hospitals in the states of Chiapas and Mexico. In 2010 it began the study of implementation training, and by the end of 2011 will have been trained to the appropriate personal in 12 hospitals in the states of […]

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Start Training SEDEM Hospitals to Reduce Maternal Deaths

September 20, 2011 rebecca Blog , News & Media

Information Service Agency in Chiapas The Secretariat for Development and Empowerment of Women (SEDEM) in coordination with the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) and the Institute of Health today launched its fourth stage to the program for Obstetric and Neonatal Rescue: The Optimal Treatment (PRONTO2), so that no woman in Chiapas will have to […]

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Mexico and the United States create emergency response program for pregnant women

February 10, 2011 rebecca Blog , News & Media

After two years of preparation and training the INSP of Mexico and the Universities of Washington and Utah reported yesterday that 15 hospitals in Chiapas, Guerrero State of Mexico began to apply the emergency care program for pregnant women called Pronto2. This program is seeking to help Mexico meet the Millennium Development Goals in terms […]

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Nurses and Doctors are Trained in General Hospitals

February 09, 2011 rebecca Blog , News & Media

Seven of Chiapas Journalism That Informs the New Millennium Public health experts Jennifer Fahey and Jimena Fritz in coordination with the teachings of the general hospital conducted training workshops on two key issues for nurses and doctors that can better function for the attention of women. With the help Dilys Walker the three stressed the […]

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